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Your 3-Day Client Accelerator...The FASTEST Facebook Client-Attraction Blueprint WITHOUT Undervaluing Your Time & Services, Using Ads, Or Hustling For Referrals

Our Hidden Facebook Method That's Currently Making Us $3,780.06 PER DAY For The Last 12 months...Handed To You

If you're a coach ready to BUILD A TRIBE of quality buyers so you can Get More Leads AND Clients On Facebook - Fast & Easy That Will Happily Pay You Premium Prices Without Sales Resistance Then You're In The Right Place At The Right Time!

If you're a coach ready to BUILD A TRIBE of quality buyers so you can Get More Leads AND Clients On Facebook - Fast & EasyThat Will Happily Pay You Premium Prices Without Sales Resistance Then You're In The Right Place At The Right Time!




June 26th - 28th 2023

6:00pm - 7:30pm EST Daily

What Is The Tribe Of Buyers Challenge?

Discover the worlds easiest way to get clients on Facebook!

Forget the exhausting course launches, hustling for referrals, or paying thousands a month for ads. We've helped hundreds of coaches break free from undervaluing their expertise and charging low hourly rates while overworking and losing valuable time with family.

This FREE three-day challenge is designed to empower you with unparalleled insights and time-tested strategies so you can FINALLY scale your coaching business following our proven method.

Introducing the Tribe Of Buyers Challenge:

The World's FASTEST Way To Get Clients On Facebook WITHOUT Undervaluing Your Time & Services, Ads, Or Hustling For Referrals

This challenge will include first-hand knowledge from expert 7-Figure marketing mentors and 2 Comma Club awardees, Dave & Lucy Smith showing you the undercover lead generating software that is currently building wildly profitable coaching businesses by attracting dream clients, building a unique tribe of buyers and allowing coaches to scale FAST!

Discover the secrets to attracting your ideal clients, cultivating a loyal tribe of buyers, and executing a high-impact Facebook group launch and monetization strategy – all with lightning speed.

Experience unparalleled income growth and time optimization for IMMEDIATE results.

Until now, our exclusive events were reserved for private students. But we've seen far too many coaches falter, grappling with outdated and spammy social media tactics from out-of-touch trainers.

Lucy & Dave Smith, founders of YunaPRO

Lucy & Dave Smith, founders of YunaPRO

That's why we're opening this COMPLETELY FREE CHALLENGE to as many coaches as possible!

For a limited time only, secure your spot in the challenge by simply registering and reserving your spot. Don't miss this opportunity – register below today!


We're so confident in the power of our system that we believe it's the most effective and easy-to-master strategy you've ever encountered.


Unlock the Secret to Effortless Business Growth: Work Smarter, Not Harder

👆🏼 Tuan & Corey receiving the coveted 2 Comma Club Award From Russell Brunson

DAY #1

High Ticket Secrets -Avatar and offer creation

We'll walk you through the proven steps to identify and attract your ideal clients through authentic, value-driven marketing strategies so you can build trust and credibility with your unique audience, positioning you as a sought-after authority.

DAY #2

Marketing Secrets - Facebook visibility and audience building

Using our proprietary and highly sought after lead generation software, you'll have a bulletproof blueprint to drastically increase your visibility on Facebook so you can build a highly engaged TRIBE OF BUYERS ready to pay a premium price for your services.

DAY #3

Tribe Of Buyers Secrets - Facebook group monetization

You'll have everything you need o launch your Facebook group and monetize your TRIBE quickly so you can create the impact and life changing results you know you're called to. Scale your business FAST with an evergreen model to scale your business organically.

Transforming your coaching business doesn't have to mean working longer hours or pushing yourself to the limit. In fact, we believe the key to success is working less – and smarter.

In this challenge, you'll discover the systems that enable you to optimize your efforts, streamline your processes, and achieve your business and income goals more rapidly and effortlessly than ever before.

The icing on the cake?

We'll teach you how to AUTOMATE your operations and monetize your TRIBE faster using cutting-edge systems and software, granting you more time and freedom to pursue the passions and experiences that truly matter to you.

Don't miss the chance to revolutionize your business – and your life.

Experience the Life-Changing Benefits of Success:

  • Generously support the charities and causes closest to your heart with an abundant spirit.

  • Treat your family to unforgettable vacations and create cherished memories together.

  • Reignite the spark with your spouse through regular, romantic date nights.

  • Transform your dream car from a vision board fantasy into a tangible reality parked in your garage.

  • ​Invest in the home of your dreams with confidence and pride.

  • Embrace the freedom to be present for your children – from morning school drop-offs and exciting field trips to surprise lunch visits and homework help – cherish every moment together.

"You can lay the foundation in just 3 powerful days and radically transform your business so you can do all these things (and more)."

Join The FREE 3 Day Challenge

Build, Monetize, & Scale Your:


If you're a coach ready to BUILD A TRIBE of quality buyers so you can Rapidly Grow Your Coaching Business & Aquire Clients Daily That Will Happily Pay You Premium Prices Without Sales Resistance Then You're In The Right Place At The Right Time!

From the Desk of: Corey & Tuan

Re: Maximize Your Earnings and Make a Greater Impact in Your Coaching Business!

Dear Fellow Coach,

Can you relate to this?

You're a passionate coach, eager to make a difference in people's lives, monetize your God-given expertise, and aspire to become a 6-7 figure coach.

Right now, your goal is to make the most of your resources and, ultimately, enjoy the freedom of working from home with a 6-7 figure income, while impacting the world.

At the moment, you'd be thrilled to secure a few good clients and make $10,000 to $30,000 per month, following the principles of honest, hard working entrepreneurship.

But first, you need to figure out how to gain more exposure and clients without constantly worrying about "who will pay me to do this..." or "can I really do it online," all while staying true to your values.

You might also be frustrated by the fierce competition among coaches on Facebook, with the top 5% seemingly monopolizing all the paying clients.

You might be tired of spending all your time on low ticket courses, funnels, ads, and content only to sell your services for a few hundred dollars.

Maybe you even have a Facebook Group that's struggling with low engagement and zero earnings.

Amidst all this, you're searching for a community and resources from like-minded coaches so you can get off the hamster wheel, stop undervaluing yourself, and get to the next level of revenue and impact in your coaching business.

We totally get it – we've been in your shoes!

You might also be wondering if it's possible to scale your business to $15K-$30K per month without burning yourself out, staying grounded, and maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Ultimately, all you want is to enjoy true freedom doing what you love, living the dream lifestyle of a successful, faith-inspired coach, and avoiding the grind of long hours that barely cover your monthly expenses.

And wouldn't it be amazing to put all of this in motion in just 3 days?

If any of this resonates with you, then we'd love to extend a warm invitation to join this completely FREE challenge, designed to empower you and create the momentum you need to FINALLY build a serious TRIBE OF BUYERS so you can scale your business and have the impact you desire.

Are you searching for answers to this question?

"I'm ready for the next level of revenue but I can't seem to attract a stead flow of high quality buyers willing to pay a premium for my services. How do I overcome this obstacle?"

🙏🏼If so, you're not alone!

And that's exactly why we're hosting this challenge.

We didn't start doing this just for the money. We wanted to make an impact. We wanted to serve. We wanted to be generous with our time AND our knowledge.

That's what this FREE 3 day challenge is all about. We're not holding back.

We're ready to serve you and help you GROW!

You'll learn how to:

  • Develop a clear and compelling high ticket offer aligned with your desired impact and expertise.

  • Attract your ideal, high quality clients through authentic, value-driven marketing strategies.

  • Build trust and credibility with your audience, positioning you as a sought-after authority.

  • Leverage the power of our proprietary lead generation software to BUILD YOUR TRIBE on autopilot.

  • Launch & monetize a highly successful and profitable Facebook group of ready to buy prospects.

By joining this challenge you'll gain a wealth of knowledge and tools that are specifically designed to propel you to the next level of success and beyond!

So, if you're ready to take your business to new heights and make a lasting impact on the world, we warmly invite you to join the FREE 3 day challenge.

Looking forward to seeing your there!,

Your Friends,

Corey & Tuan

Join The Challenge: June 26th - 28th

Here's just a taste of what you can expect:

  • Learn the secret to attracting premium clients daily, earning $10,000+ per month, and scaling your business even further!

  • Say goodbye to chasing clients and hello to a consistent stream of hot leads and premium buyers, enabling you to build the 6-figure business you know you're capable of.

  • Transform your existing assets into a powerful marketing machine that generates qualified leads and premium buyers on demand. (Unlock the hidden value in your current network!)

  • Gain more exposure without buying ads, even if you're unsure about the process (Elevate your status and prove the doubters wrong!)

  • Reduce your workload and accelerate your success with time-saving resources every coach can use to experience true freedom (Master the Delegate, Automate & Simplify Method!)

With such an incredible opportunity, you might be wondering...

Who Are Corey & Tuan And Why Should I Listen To Them?

  • ​Built a $2,500,000+ coaching company from scratch during the pandemic in only 24 months using a Free Facebook Group

  • ​Helped other coaches generate over $3,000,000+ in revenue

  • ​Mentored 20 coaches to over $100,000 in the last few months alone. 

  • ​Helped over 100 clients to attract clients daily and build their very own high-ticket ($2,000+) coaching program

  • ​Shared the stage with John Maxwell at the Maxwell Leadership Conference sharing their 7-Figure Journey to over 4000 coaches 

Just a few wins from a few of our clients...

You Can Be The Next 6 or 7-Figure Coach Like...

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